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                               Democracy must be based on science and knowledge. 


6CO2 + 6H2O + energy (sunlight) → 6O2 + C6H12O6 

The photosynthesis is the only excisting process that can sample carbon to reduce the carbon dioxide in the athmosphere.

The solution is very simple!

1: Stop adding more carbon to the athmosphere. Carbon is just added by coal and oil.

2: Raise the volume and area of forests, the volume that moulder, wood in constructions and what ever organic that do carry carbon.

 How to replace coal and oil? 

If there was an unlimeted energy resource coal and oil would be stopped tomorrow and be replaced by hydrogen. 

Water+ added energy → Hydrogen and oxygen → energy and water.

Oil used in transports can be replaced by hydrogen. For stationary need, electricity can replace all coal and oil.

As there yet not are unlimeted energy resources we have to reduse the to the athmosphere already added carbon.

Without adding any new carbon we can use organic material to replace oil and coal.

The processes are well known and used already by the Germans during the WWII.

Where to find green oilfields?

Some regions are already sampling more carbon from the atmosphere then they by coal and oil do add.

Sweden do have a growth of timber. Regions that are able to produce fuel without adding carbon to the athmosphere. 

They should be seen as green oilfields!

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